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Welcome Florida Soaring Society (FSS #5) Sailplane Contest - November 5-6, 2016

Our club hosted an Aero Tow glider event that was thrilling to watch. It involved large gasoline powered models towing up even larger gliders. After the gliders disconnected from the tow plane they were then able to seek out thermals and soar like eagles. One of the gliders had over a 26 foot wingspan. Check out the photos and video in subsequent pages on this website.


john heroux 

Retired aviation executive



Come on out and share in the fun flying with us!


Established on July 4th, 2015, St. Augustine RC Flyers, LLC (non-profit corporation) is a fairly new RC Club.

We consist of a great bunch of fun loving guys, about 30 strong and growing rapidly.

Our members enjoy building, flying, and sharing good times flying all types of RC aircraft.

We have guys that fly everything as well as members that enjoy specialty RC models, such as Micros, Foamies, Sport 60 Sized Airplanes, Gliders, Large Scale Gassers, Ducted Fan Jets, Helicopters, and Racing Drones.

Our models are powered with glow fuel,  gas engines, or electric motors. Several of our soaring enthusiasts have electric winches for glider launching.

Our AMA approved flying site is located at the Tillman Ridge Landfill; (map on SIGN UP page), featuring 2 Grass Runways, Glider Winch Launching Area, Mower Shed, Restroom, and Protected Pilot Safety Area.

Visitors please call our President or Secretary to arrange a time that we can meet you at our private entrance.  Our facility is controlled and not usually open to the public.

To Our Members:



Hank Goldin

Semi retired small business owner


We had 100% of our members renew their membership this year!

Please EMail me your RC flying photos so that I can put them up on our new Web Site.



Our Officers

secretary &


John Kennedy 

Retired Maintenance Superintendent at Georgia Pacific


IRKS (Titusville RC Club) had scheduled this AMA sanctioned event but Hurricane Matthew had other plans and made their flying site unusable.  Therefore, our club has stepped up to help carry out this event on Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th. This was a mixed launch event which means there will be ALES (altitude limited electric sailplanes) and winch launch sailplanes and efforts are underway to make this an AMA sanctioned event.

​ Our flying field was dedicated to this sailplane contest on these two days, which was fun and educational while helping out another RC club. John Kennedy had volunteered to be Safety Officer and handle all technical details while Carl Schneider was the CD (Contest Director).

safety officer

Chuck Mccann


Mike pogue 

Retired Federal Museum Curator



On October 28th we finally had our permanent all metal sun shelter installed. It is guaranteed to withstand 150 mph winds. With those winds, everything else will be destroyed but the sun shelter will remain standing!

Aero Tow Glider Event Feb. 5, 2017